July 2022: Power hour of writing weeks

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an be hard for everyone, regardless of career stage and I know many part-time doctoral researchers will be trying to do the same over the summer. Therefore I thought I would open the invite to join me for some focused writing sessions each week.

Monday 1st August 12:00-13:30

Tuesday 2nd August – 14:00-15:30

Wednesday 3rd August – 14:00-15:30

Thursday 4th August – 14:00-15:30

These sessions are, I know for many, not the most convenient. I would encourage you though to use the same strict and resources if you want to facilitate your own sessions in the evenings or weekends if they are more convenient. I will be following the Power hour of writing model (PHOW) they use at the University of West Scotland https://powerhourofwriting.wordpress.com/ and they have some great resources you can use to plan your own sessions

The purpose of this short session is to offer a space to carve out that time and writing socially helps to provide accountability. There are no strict limits on what you can do so feel free to bring ideas to craft into a first draft, that abstract you’ve been meaning to finish, the analysis you want to start writing up, a piece that needs editing or just a current work in progress. 

Whilst I am running these as part of the thriving part-time project and hope part-time doctoral students will find this opportunity useful, anyone is welcome. I would hope we can use the chatting time to prioritise topics that may benefit newer researchers though. 

My recommendation, where possible, is to use this time for an actual writing task as opposed to writing preparation tasks or something like transcribing data. It always feels a bit more productive that way. If you can have a specific task in mind it also helps focus the hour.

This comprises of three parts:

First 15 mins       15 minutes or so to catch up, chat and share a goal. 

Middle hour      an hour of writing time where people can have their cameras and mics off 

Final 15 minutes        final 15 minutes to reflect on what has been achieved 

Hopefully, people can join for the full session but if they need to leave early they can share their reflections on their successes or challenges in the chat box before they leave.

If you wish to join the session, please fill in the linked form by Sunday 30th July

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