We want your stories too!

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This blog is a collection of blog posts by a range of authors. They come from those who have completed or are undertaking part-time doctorates. Its content is therefore only as rich as the range of contributions. If you do not see yourself or people like you represented, we’d love to include a piece by you. If you have experience of supporting part-time doctoral researchers supervising PhDs would also love to hear from you.

You can see from the posts we have already shared that they come in a variety of styles and formats. What we want to develop is place where current and future doctoral researchers can find inspiration though the experiences of others. Our editorial policy is light touch, and we will work with you to shape your ideas if you are not quite sure what you want to share. 

We are particularly keen to feature pieces from:

  • People working outside academia 
  • Lab based part-time students 
  • Global perspectives
  • Those under-represented in higher education
  • People who have paused, resumed or abandoned part-time doctorates
  • Those doing doctorates but not planning on careers in academia

This list is not exhaustive and all ideas and perspectives are welcomed so please do get in touch. You can get in touch with through the contact form 

Some general guidelines for writing a good post

Title: Ideally something snappy that addresses a question a student might have or speaks to a specific issue they might face

Author details: A twitter handle and any other method you might be happy for them to contact you on. It would also be good to have a couple of sentences saying who you are / where you are from and your relationship to the part-time doctorate.

Length: 5-800 words is a good length 

Do try and include: 

  • A short introductory paragraph spelling out the issue you are discussing 
  • A takeaway message at the end if possible
  • References hyperlinked in the text

Format: Microsoft word 

Publication: We schedule a post weekly so there may be some delay between acceptance and publication but we will let you know when it will be published and promote it both on twitter  so please include your username if you have one. 

Deadline: This is an ongoing call so there are no hard deadlines

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