Finding enjoyment in a PhD with time and space: switching from full-time to part-time

This post is from Laura Wilde. Laura is a part-time PhD student at Coventry University in the Centre for Intelligent Healthcare. Her thesis is exploring experiences of using apps and wearables for monitoring physical activity among people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). She is in her 4th year having completed 2 years full-time, aContinue reading “Finding enjoyment in a PhD with time and space: switching from full-time to part-time”

Finding balance during the part-time doctorate

This post is from Selina Griffin. Selina has worked in data and project management and now works at the Open University and is in her mid (I can still say mid right?) thirties. She started a Doctorate in Education in October 2020 combining her love of data (in the guise of learning analytics) with oneContinue reading “Finding balance during the part-time doctorate”

We want your stories too!

This blog is a collection of blog posts by a range of authors. They come from those who have completed or are undertaking part-time doctorates. Its content is therefore only as rich as the range of contributions. If you do not see yourself or people like you represented, we’d love to include a piece byContinue reading “We want your stories too!”

The part-time doctorate: when time flies and stands still

This post is from Nicole Brown. Nicole is a Lecturer in Education, who embarked on a part-time doctoral journey as a (very) mature student. In her contribution she writes about the flexibility of time, as she has experienced it in her studies. She tweets as @ncjbrown Doing a doctorate is difficult, engaging in that researchContinue reading “The part-time doctorate: when time flies and stands still”