Part-time Studying as a Disabled Student

Katherine Langford is a part-time PhD student at the Open University.  She is in her 4th year of researching how students develop an understanding of tricky Physics concepts. I came down with ME when I was 13 and I have effectively been studying part-time ever since. For a while, I was barely well enough toContinue reading “Part-time Studying as a Disabled Student”

Avoiding getting bogged down in the Swampy lowlands

Victoria Pendry (@VictoriaPendry1)  is a freelance education consultant based in York specialising in Education and International Development. Most of her work is as the CEO of the The Curriculum Foundation (CF), a not-for-profit, internationally orientated social enterprise working with Governments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries to improve access to, and the quality of education. SheContinue reading “Avoiding getting bogged down in the Swampy lowlands”

The study habits of a full-time educator, part-time EdD student

Nathan Douglas ( @Nathan_DHT_EdD) is a full-time Deputy Headteacher at a large, multicultural primary school in Birmingham. He has over twelve years’ experience in primary education, and currently leads on curriculum design and implementation, teaching and learning, the spending of the pupil premium grant and attendance. Nathan is a part-time EdD student at Birmingham CityContinue reading “The study habits of a full-time educator, part-time EdD student”

Getting It Done (and rewarding yourself along the way)

Leona McQuaid is a second year part-time PhD Student and Occupational Therapy Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University. In my attempt to manage the demands of a part time PhD alongside a busy full time academic role, I have developed a form of self-bargaining; I call it transactional thinking. This is where I set mini goalsContinue reading “Getting It Done (and rewarding yourself along the way)”

Top Tips for Balancing Clinical Practice and a Part-time Professional Doctorate

Allison Scott (@AllisonPoddem) is a professional doctorate student embarking on the design for her project. Her research explores the decision- making experiences o proxy decision makers for people with dementia lacking capacity. There is no denying doing a PhD of any sort is hard and extremely time consuming, add in the pressures of daily lifeContinue reading “Top Tips for Balancing Clinical Practice and a Part-time Professional Doctorate”

Surveys take longer than you think! Or: taking your time has benefits for data collection

This post is from Sophie Payne-Gifford. Sophie is a social scientist at the University of Hertfordshire. She completed her PhD part-time from 2010-2016, mostly because she only won part-funding and had to keep her day job at NERC UKRI, a great job which had its definite advantages. She tweets at @GiffordPayne on food, environment, agricultureContinue reading “Surveys take longer than you think! Or: taking your time has benefits for data collection”

Four uncomfortable truths about part-time doctoral study…

Ceri Coulby (@cericoulby) is a part-time online EdD student with the University of Liverpool. She is in her 6th year and is due to submit her thesis in October 2021. Her case study research is a narrative exploration of part time doctoral students’ experiences of personal transformation during their studies. Ceri also works full timeContinue reading “Four uncomfortable truths about part-time doctoral study…”

Lessons for life

This post is from Jon Rainford (@jonrainford), one of the editors of the blog. Jon completed his PhD part-time with Staffordshire University in 2019. He has studied part time in various forms for over 12 years. Having interests in the Sociology of Higher Education and having worked in varied roles in education, his doctoral researchContinue reading “Lessons for life”

‘Life in the Part-time Lane’

This post is from Ruth Tudor (@AuntyOof). She is a pastoral support tutor in an institution supporting students from further education through to higher education.  All her higher education has been achieved through part-time distance learning, including her research degree on Care Experienced Students which she is currently writing her thesis for. I left schoolContinue reading “‘Life in the Part-time Lane’”

Finding enjoyment in a PhD with time and space: switching from full-time to part-time

This post is from Laura Wilde. Laura is a part-time PhD student at Coventry University in the Centre for Intelligent Healthcare. Her thesis is exploring experiences of using apps and wearables for monitoring physical activity among people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). She is in her 4th year having completed 2 years full-time, aContinue reading “Finding enjoyment in a PhD with time and space: switching from full-time to part-time”

The benefits of the long haul doctorate

This post is by Dr. Bethan Michael-Fox (@bethmichaelfox). Beth is an Associate Lecturer and Honorary Associate in the School of English and Creative Writing at the Open University. Beth and Jon (the host of this fantastic website) worked together for a few wonderful years at the University of Bedfordshire. You can find out more about BethContinue reading “The benefits of the long haul doctorate”

PhD by publication: because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

This post from Karen Campbell (@KarencampbellWP) follows on from her previous post ‘What is a PhD by Publication?‘ In this post, Karen addresses the benefits and challenges of pursuing this route. Karen is an education researcher based at Glasgow Caledonian University. She completed her PhD by publication in May 2020. Why do a PhD byContinue reading “PhD by publication: because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”